About Us

About Chefs Steel

Chef inspired, Chef hammered and Chef honed. 

Chefs Steel is the sharpest and edgiest 100% food-safe stainless steel jewelry being produced. Each piece is handmade using only heavy gauge steel that will match your look to be an extension of your kitchen. Chefs Steel is the only Chef created custom Steelwear jewelry and Steelworks accessory line made right here in the good 'ol USA...and that would be Jersey if ya gotta know!

How to care

All Chefs Steel jewelry and accessories are made of custom handmade, hand hammered surgical grade stainless steel that requires very little effort to keep looking great.  Just like the stainless steel work surfaces in your kitchen, you'll need nothing more then mild soap and water to clean and restore the natural luster and shine of your jewelry after a long and productive service. After cleaning, be sure to dry your jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Since all our products are 100% Stainless Steel, they won't corrode, rust or tarnish but just like a Chefs hands, they can become scratched or marked  and each one of those marks will surely have a killer story behind it.

Our design ethos

When we're in our design studio, just like when we are in the kitchen, inspiration comes from all sources but just as with food, the mantra "Keep it Simple" reigns true in the studio too. When it comes to our creations, the ingredients are few and the designs are clean, fresh and true to your style. Just like your signature dish, your custom designed and handmade Chefs Steel jewelry is a reflection of who you are, what you believe in and what you can create.