Halloween Special: Meal Prep with Michael Meyers


In honor of Halloween, I thought I’d put out a short post related to the Halloween Icon Michael Myers (whose weapon of choice is purely coincidental 😉). There’s a lot of debate about what knives Michael Myers used in the Halloween movies and most of the models would probably be out of production by this point anyway. I think “Giant Kitchen Knife” is a pretty good guess but nevertheless here are a few of the knives Michael might reach for this Halloween.

Dexter Russell 10″ Cook’s Knife


First off we have this Knife From Dexter that comes closest to the vintage look and is also the least expensive option. It comes with a classic high-carbon steel blade, the hardwood handles are kept in place by copper rivets and it has an overall length of 15″. Made in the USA.


Mac Chef Series French Chef’s Knife




This Mac, while a French Profile, is made in Japan of Molybdenum rust-resistant steel which results in a better edge life for the thin 2.5mm blade and It’s finished with a Pakkawood handle. Mac combines Western and Japanese bevels and boasts of producing the worlds sharpest knives.


Messermeister Park Plaza Chef’s Knife


This knife is Messermeisters stamped version of knives. Made of a single piece of high carbon stainless steel it’s lighter than a forged knife. It comes with a polyoxymethylene handle and in sizes ranging from 6-12″. Comes with a 20° bevel, a lifetime warranty and is made in Germany.


Dexter Russell Connoisseur Forged 10″ Chef’s Knife


Another Dexter this knife is more modern but with only a very slight bolster it manages to preserve the classic look. It comes with a polymer/resin infused rosewood handle and a high-carbon steel blade. Made in the USA.


LamsonSharp 10″ Wide Forged Chef’s Knife



Besides Dexter, Lamson knives are the most speculated to have been used in the Halloween movies. Here we have a very nice one outfitted with triple riveted rosewood handles and taper ground high-carbon stainless steel blades. Unfortunately the larger bolster on this one and the ones to follow break up the look a bit but, hey, even basically immortal monsters have to change with the times. Made in the USA. Lifetime Warranty.


Zwilling Professional “S” 10″ Chef’s Knife

Kitchen Universe

Forged from one piece of proprietary high-carbon stainless steel then ice hardened this knife is incredibly sharp and durable. Finishing with the bolster providing balance, a laser controlled edge a triple riveted perfectly balanced tang; this knife is probably as indestructable as Michael is.


Zwilling Bob Kramer EuroLine


Kitchen Universe

If you want to get really fancy this Henckels knife, designed by the Bladesmith Bob Kramer, should be in your goody bag. Made of razor-sharp carbon steel in Japan and put through an oil-quench hardening process, the extremely large-bellied blade gives excellent knuckle clearance and lends itself to chopping. The blade is double tapered and its finished off with grenadilla wood, decorative brass riveted, handles. A treat of this sort would melt the heart of even the most crazed maniac.

That’s it; hope you all have a:



(Disclaimer: Chef’s Steel Does not condone any alternative use of cutlery whether this consist of “Hacking” and/or “Slashing”. Also, do not place any of these knives in candy; they are very expensive.)





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