Top 12: Finding The Perfect Roll Bag.

So you’ve got your favorite set of knives all picked out and now you need to put them somewhere, but you can’t very well walk around with a big clunky knife block everywhere you go. Luckily when it comes to choosing a knife holder there’s another option…


Okay maybe it’s not THAT exciting but just wait till you get one of these beauties in the mail. There’s not too much to say about a knife roll as it’s more or less self-explanatory once you see one but these are some of the prettiest chef supplies you can get and you bet the beauty isn’t only skin deep.

While Amazon has a pretty nice selection of chef knife bags, knife cases and rolls like this Boldric Bag or for fans of the Show Dexter even this roll by Messermeister; Etsy is a goldmine of unique and creative roll bags From the U.S.A. to Ireland. Many of these have options for customization so be sure to check all descriptions carefully.


1. TonUpCanvas Roll Bag


First off we have this Waxed Canvas roll bag by TonUpCanvas. A simple modern design of six graduating slots this version is gray with a black leather Detail and is Handmade in Australia. They are available in various colors and sizes so be sure to read the descriptions carefully. Canvas is a great option for roll bags because it’s lightweight and less expensive than leather alternatives.

2. InstruMental Roll


The InstraMental roll by MentalSyndicate is a custom roll bag meant to be durable and stylish. This is the “Sailor” Version made of two layers of striped raw denim with an Italian leather finish and aged copper rivets. They make a ton of different versions with different internal configurations and external designs. This “Sailor” version Has thirteen knife slots and comes with the option for either a raw denim or a leather sling strap. Handmade in Bulgaria.

3. Khampa X Leather Knife Roll


While canvas is a nice material it lacks the structure and durability that is ideal for lugging around heavy things like a set of knives. That’s why when it comes to roll bags or bags in general leather is your best bet and this bag is about as leathery as you can get. A simple but very rugged design the first thing I thought when I saw this bag was “Old World”. This roll is a perfect gift for the family butcher and This version comes with seven slots including two built in protective flaps and brass buckles. There are other versions available which include fasteners to secure each knife as well as a pair of scissors or with the option of silver buckles. Handmade in Canada.

4. TeLeather Knife Case


An alternative to the traditional roll this case is perfect for the Minimalists among us. Just choose four of your favorite knives, throw the case in a bag (or show it off) and you’re off. It’s made of vegetable tanned leather, is riveted together and kept closed with button studs then finally given an antique finish. The leather flaps are made especially thick so they can be used to strop your knives. It can accommodate knives a little over 8″ but the seller who handcrafts it in Denmark offers the option to have it made to fit any knife size.

5. DelphiLeather Chef Backpack



Another alternative to the traditional roll bag but in this case one for the Anti-Minimalist. This bag is truly for the eccentric chef who needs to carry all of their kitchen knives and kitchen accessories short of the kitchen sink. It’s made of leather, has 17 slots, a separate pouch to carry a towel and two zipper pockets. The shoulder straps evenly distribute weight, are detachable and the pack is secured with buckles. The bag is Handmade in India and there are color and other custom options available through contact with the seller.

6. Kruk Garage Saddle Leather Roll


Handmade in Ukraine this roll is very classy looking and it’s the best option for most people looking for aesthetics as well as function. It’s made of saddle leather which is a special waxed leather that gives it a unique wear pattern. It has 18 slots to carry 4 large knives, 10 medium knives and four small knives or tools. Topped off with a large YKK (best on the market) zipper pocket and a vegetable tanned leather detachable strap.

7. ContourCo Leather Knife Roll


Another fairly minimal design this roll bag has six double stitched knife slots and two pockets set in a very nice angular detail. The material is stone oiled leather, treated with various waxes, dyes and oils that cause it to become lighter in areas where this leather stretches. This roll is reminiscent of a scroll or a notebook and is kept closed with a simple strip of leather. It comes with an adjustable leather strap secured with brass which can be worn as a sling or adjusted into a carry handle and is made in Canada.

8. JendeIndustries Leather Knife Roll


While not made of saddle leather this beefy bag might remind you of a rugged horses saddle which is fitting because this bag is Handmade in the U.S.A. and boy does it scream American. It has 16 slots to carry 4 large, 6 medium, and 6 small knives and a leather storage pouch. There’s a carbon fiber bar in the carry handle so it won’t deform under the weight of the bag and hurt the hand. The slots are all glued, stitched with A&E thread and then riveted. The belts and straps are extra thick for durability and the entire bag is Nano coated to protect it from dirt and spills. This is the bag for the no nonsense cook.

9. Fullgive Leather “Chef’s Roll”


My personal favorite roll this thing is like a suitcase for your chef tools. Any cook Walking into a restaurant with it is going to leave everyone thinking you own the place. Made of Herman Oak tanned leather, Wool and canvas each bag is hand finished, dyed, waxed and burnished. It contains 6 graduating rivet reinforced slots and a felted wool zipper pocket. There is also the option of a detachable shoulder strap for an additional fee. Handmade in the U.S.A.

10. EdgeDesign Chef’s Bag


Designed for the confectionery chef, this is another bag that somewhat gives off an “Old World” vibe. It appears to be a simple piece of fancy luggage but is essentially a cross between a tool bag and a knife roll. Made of various leathers the bag is kept secure by two zippers. When opened the cover is revealed to be knife-roll-esque with a large compartment meant to carry any other kitchen knives or kitchen accessories. It comes with two carry handles for weight distribution and an option for a shoulder strap. One of the more innovative chef knife bags this is a gift for the cook who has spent decades in the service of providing the world with delicious and comforting foods. Handmade in Israel.

11. EdgeDesign “ZoonderBelt”


Another from EdgeDesign and the coolest alternative to the traditional roll bag the “ZoonderBelt” was custom made for a chef. Look at it either as a wearable roll or just a big sheath this is perfect for the cook who wants all of their tools accessible and safely on them while they work. It has 3 slots for medium sized knives up to 9″ and various others for tools and even a cell phone pocket. The ZoonderBelt is available in many colors and EdgeDesign also offers a “Modular” belt sheath system.

12. “The Roundsman”


Finally for anyone looking for a modern take on knife transportation we have “The Roundsman”. Made for the “Modern Chef” it features 17 pockets including one for your tablet is made of ballistic nylon and comes with an ambidextrous adjustable sling strap.

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